"Outlandish is our Specialty."

Our name “Solid Stage Custom” says it all.  We build what you need to keep your gear SOLID on STAGE as a touring musician.


Our specialty is drum-specific solutions.  However, IF you have an outlandish need…we can create a solution you can trust and rely on, gig after gig after gig after gig.  And like all Solid Stage Custom parts, it will be Made in the USA.

Made in Tulsa

“Made in Tulsa” is a critical aspect to our company.  We are family-owned and managed…making all parts within our community allows us to stand tall and proud.

Living in the “buckle” of the “Bible Belt” allows us to ship anywhere in the country quickly.  Plus living in Tulsa, we are “center-stage” for the majority of tours passing through our country’s heartland.   Heading out on tour and need replacement parts mid-tour?  We can make that happen.

What does "Custom" mean in our company name?

We’d say, it's pretty straightforward.  IF you have an outlandish request?  That’s Custom and we can do it.  Need a more durable solution to a “vendor made” product?  That’s Custom and we can do it.  Need to secure your gear to a rolling rig?  That’s Custom and we can do it.

Decades of Experience

We’ve been engineering and machining parts since before you were watching Sesame Street gnawing on an icy FudgePop.  But seriously, we have been manufacturing products in the aircraft industry for decades and working specifically with “high-stress” manufacturing.  In the aircraft industry, it needs to be durable, it needs to be light and it NEEDS to be safe.  That is what we do…odds are you have been on a plane with our parts bolted onto it.

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"Outlandish is our Specialty."

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